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China (Northeast) International Exhibition of Excellent Grain & Oil Products and Food Processing

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Event Date 2019-09-20 - 2019-09-23
City China
Address Shenyang, China
Venue China Shenyang International Exhibition Center
Organizer Shenyang People's Government
Official Site http://www.cvc-expo.com

2019 China (Northeast) International Exhibition of Excellent Grain and Oil Products and Food Processing

Time: September 20-23, 2019: Shenyang International Exhibition Center

China (Beijing) International Exhibition of Quality Grain and Oil Products and Food Processing

Time: November 22-24, 2019 Location: China International Exhibition Center

More than 300 exhibitors and 800 booths

20,000 square meters exhibition area 30,000 professional audience



September 20-23, 2019

China Shenyang International Exhibition Center

[Industry background]

Regional advantages: As China's "big granary" and "stabilizer of grain market", Northeast China is an important commodity grain base in China, and also the fastest growing and most contributing region of grain in China. Except for local use, most of the grain in Northeast China is sold to East, South and North China. With the adjustment of grain storage policy, the scale of "grain transportation from north to south" will be further expanded, and the strategic position of Northeast in the field of grain, oil and food will become increasingly prominent. Liaoning is the only coastal province in the northeast. The railway density is the highest in the country. It has the most densely populated airport and seaport in the northeast, and water conservancy, electricity, energy, communications and other infrastructure. It is also a sea access in the construction of "one belt and one road" in Northeast Asia, and is building a shipping center in Northeast Asia. Yingkou Port occupies the core of Liaoning-Shandong land-sea corridor and Sino-Mongolian-Russian economic corridor.

Industrial Advantage: Northeast China has long been an important base for commodity grain production, grain transportation and reserve. It is known as "stabilizer of grain market" in China. The existing cultivated land is 376 million mu, and the grain sown area accounts for more than 80% of the total cultivated land. The annual grain output is about 70-90 billion kg. The commodity rate is as high as 50-60%, which accounts for more than one third of the total commodity grain in China. It can be said that the abundance of grain in Northeast China is directly related to the national food security, and affects the healthy development of our economy and social stability.

[Synchronization activities]
Seminar on Scientific and Technological Processing of Edible Oil in the New Era
Summit Forum on Non-GMO Grain and Oil in 2019
Development Conference of Grain and Oil Distributors Agents in 2019
[Audience Source]
1. Distributors, agents, large-scale grain and oil comprehensive wholesale market and gift wholesale market of grain and oil industry;
2. Domestic and foreign purchasers, traders, operators and group buying;
3. Large-scale comprehensive supermarkets, grain and oil and green food chains and special counters, community supermarket chains and convenience stores, etc.
4. Grain and oil machinery and equipment procurement group, government procurement group and oil production units;
5. Expert leaders in grain and oil industry, media reporters, industry groups, scientific research institutions, universities and colleges, etc.

[Scope of Exhibition]
1. Exhibition Zone for Industrialization of Fine Grain, Oil and Staple Food
Flour, Rice, Edible Oil, Corn Deep Processing, Miscellaneous Cereals and Other Series of Fine Grain Oils
High-end cereals and oils of green organic, selenium-rich and imported series
Industrialized products of steamed bread, noodles, noodles, rice flour, rice noodles, dumplings and other staple foods
_Various kinds of cereals, oils, food additives, etc.

2. Grain and Oil Processing Machinery Exhibition Zone
Complete sets of equipment for processing flour, rice, edible oil, corn and miscellaneous grains
Weighing, measuring and packaging equipment; Labeling machine, labeling machine, filling machine, palletizing machinery and other packaging automation equipment
_Grain and Oil Processing Process Control Technology and Mechatronics Equipment; Matching Equipment and Parts for Grain and Oil Processing
Moisture tester, gluten tester, powder tester, viscosity tester, agricultural product quality tester and other testing instruments
Production line of industrialized staple food products such as steamed bread, noodles, noodles, rice flour and dumplings

3. Food Storage and Logistics Exhibition Area
Intelligent grain depot solutions and products such as grain depot management information system, grain inspection and laboratory instruments, grain situation monitoring and control system, remote monitoring system, etc.

_Thermal insulation doors and windows, grain baffles, ventilation system, transportation and cleaning series, grain drying equipment, large steel silos, silos, circulation fumigation system, grain depot management information system and other grain storage equipment

Mobile grain clearer, combined warehouse discharger, port loading and unloading machinery; grain logistics equipment such as bulk, bulk transportation, bulk unloading and bulk storage.

[Fee Standard]

Booth fees: (10% of double-sided open booth plus booth fees)

Specifications and Requirements of Exhibiting Projects, Domestic Enterprises, Joint Ventures and Foreign-funded Enterprises

Standard booth (9m_) 3m_3m 8800 yuan per booth, 15800 yuan per booth, $2600 per booth

Luxury booth (9m_) 3m_4m 10800 yuan per booth, $20800 per booth, $3500 per booth

Indoor vacancy is set at $900/m, $1600/m, $300/m from 36m.

Standard booth configuration includes three wall panels, two spotlights, a consulting table, two chairs, carpets, one 220V AC power outlet, Chinese and English lintel board, etc. There is no arrangement for indoor bare space booth: (36_rental is required).

Exchange and seminar on the promotion of new technology products

10000 yuan/45 minutes per game. The organizer is responsible for arranging venues, tables and chairs, lamps and stereos, microphones, projectors, pens, paper, etc. Enterprises organize their own audiences, and the organizing committee provides assistance.

Sponsorship and Awards

Shenyang Cereals and Oil Development Exhibition Commercial Sponsorship and Exhibition Award Evaluation Activities, sponsorship and award content please contact the Organizing Committee staff.

(Invite colleagues from the industry to sign up for the exhibition. Now they are accepting the application. Please contact the Organizing Committee as soon as possible to obtain the application form and the plan of the exhibition booth!)

Contact information of the Organizing Committee of the Congress

Address: 8th floor, Block A, Caiyun Building, Tongzhou Economic Development Zone, Beijing

Contact person: Manager Liu 15510528111

Tel: 010-86466187

Fax: 010-5259 5793

Contact Details
Contact Person:Manager Liu
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