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China (Shanghai) International Drying Technology and Equipment Exhibition 2019

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Event Date 2019-08-21 - 2019-08-23
City Shanghai
Address Shanghai, China
Venue Shanghai New International Expo Center
Organizer Office of Organizing Committee of China (Shanghai) International Drying Technology and Equipment Exh

 China (Shanghai) International Drying Technology and Equipment Exhibition 2019 

2019 China (Shanghai) International dry technology and Equipment Exhibition 

Time: August 21 - 23, 2019: Shanghai New International Expo Center 

institutional framework

China Chemical Enterprise Management Association China Chemical Machinery Power Technology Association 

Guangdong Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association Guangdong Chemical Society 

China Chemical Equipment Association Shanghai Chemical Equipment Association 

Zhenwei exhibition shares

 Support unit: 

Shanghai Chemical Industry Association Shanghai Coatings and Dyes Industry Association

Shanghai Chemical Industry (China) Council Wenzhou Longwan Valve Industry Association 

Zhejiang Pump and Valve Industry Association Jiangsu Petrochemical Equipment Association 

BPMA British Pump Manufacturers Association Jiangxi Environmental Protection Industry Association 

Beijing Huandu Economic Circle Energy Conservation and Low Carbon Environmental Protection Industry Alliance 


Guangzhou Zhenwei International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Shanghai changwen Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. 

At the same time: the 11th Shanghai International Exhibition of Chemical Technology and Equipment, 2019 

Brief introduction of exhibition 

China's drying operation involves a wide range of areas of the national economy, and is also one of the major energy-consuming households in China. With the increasingly serious environmental problems in the world and the increasing pressure of the national energy-saving and environmental protection policies, more industries expect the drying and drying equipment manufacturing industry to adjust the product structure according to the requirements of high quality, low energy consumption and environmental protection. High-tech content products are driving the emergence of key enterprises in drying and drying equipment manufacturing industry. In order to further promote the popularization and application of key drying technologies and important equipment and products in China, and with the active participation of many enterprises and the high attention of relevant industry associations, "China (Shanghai) International Drying Technology and Equipment Exhibition 2019" will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on August 21 and 23, and called at the same time. Opening the 11th Shanghai International Exhibition of Industrial Technology and Equipment in 2019, we look forward to your participation with a new look, a larger exhibition area, high-quality audiences and convenient transportation.

Scope of exhibition 

Introduction of pharmaceutical and food drying equipment: vacuum, boiling, freezing, spray granulation dryers; rotary, paddle, rotary flash, fluidized bed dryers; disc, rake, tube bundles, rollers, belt dryers, food and drug drying oven, vacuum drying box, drying sterilization oven, hot air circulating oven, tunnel oven. Such as extraction and concentration equipment, crushing, mixing, screening and conveying equipment, etc.

Grain, wood and agricultural by-products drying equipment: heat pump grain drying tower; high frequency drying equipment; warm air stove, hot air drying equipment; heat pump dryer, high temperature dehumidifier, dehumidifier and dryer, constant temperature and humidity machine, runner dehumidifier, heat recovery equipment; solar hot air drying system; mesh belt and tunnel drying system Drying equipment, microwave drying equipment, etc.

Environmental protection and chemical material drying equipment: sludge drying equipment; biological fermentation drying equipment; fine chemical drying equipment; thermal power and petrochemical industry and other special industries drying equipment. 

New materials and light industrial production drying equipment: dehumidification dryer, industrial hot air dryer, burner, hot blast stove, tunnel furnace, industrial oven, ultraviolet curing machine, infrared drying equipment, welding rod oven, blast dryer, explosion-proof oven, trolley oven, etc. 

Large-scale system integration: grain and feed drying equipment and engineering; special drying room integration, plant fresh-keeping and drying equipment; biomass energy engineering; automatic control system and professional supporting equipment; storage and environmental temperature control equipment, crystallization evaporation and supporting equipment. 

Relevant equipment: power plant; heating device, cooling technology and equipment; metal mesh belt, material tray and chain conveyor; temperature sensor, drying controller and other electronic control equipment; ventilation equipment, collector heat pipe, medium and low temperature heat pipe, high temperature fan, motor and compressed air system. 

Participation procedures 

Fill in the application form, add a stamp, mail or fax to the Organizing Committee of the General Assembly. Within five working days of submitting the application form, the exhibition fee (50% deposit or full amount) will be remitted to the organizing committee. The principle of booth sequential allocation is "apply first, pay first, arrange first", and the rest will be paid before July 1, 2019. Otherwise, the organizing committee will consider it as abandoning its participation, canceling its qualifications and booked booths.

Contact us.

Office of Organizing Committee of China (Shanghai) International Drying Technology and Equipment Exhibition 2019 


Tel:+86-21-56802386 Online QQ:67470203

E-mail: ais021@126.com 

Consultation Telephone: Mr. Li/15001909485 (Tongwei)

Contact Details
Contact Person:Mr. Li
Mobile Phone:

China's drying operation involves a wide range of areas of the national economy, and is also one of the major energy-consuming households in China.
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