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International Brew & Beverage Processing Technology and Equipment Expo 2019

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Event Date 2019-04-09 - 2019-04-11
City Guangzhou
Address Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
Venue Pazhou International Sourcing Centre, Guangzhou, China
Organizer Guangzhou Zhongdian International Exhibition Co., Ltd
Official Site http://www.bbexpo.cn
Sponsor Guangzhou First-Class Exhibition Co.,Ltd.

 The Guangzhou International Brew Beverage Processing Technology and Equipment Expo 2019

Sincerely invite your company to attend the exhibition ceremoniously, assist the grand occasion altogether and contribute to industry development.

BBE 2019, International Brand Event of Liquid Food Processing and Packaging Whole Industry Chain Industry

Participation Returns

Communicate and exchange with industry competent organizations to timely understand industry policies, laws and regulations; show enterprise image and deeply excavate user demand; improve brand awareness, reputation and loyalty; embody brand value and commercial return; negotiate with domestic and foreign traders, investors, agents, distributors and suppliers face to face to exchange technology and seek cooperation; meet with manufacturing, R&D and purchasing departments senior management and decision-makers of application fields to show the latest products, technologies and service; take the valuable opportunity of contacting with technical research and manufacturer leaders, management/technology development personnel and academic institution experts and scholars in the industry to provide “one-to-one” business custom service for exhibitors and professional visitors, establish partnership with proper agents in shortest time and lay a good platform for market exploitation; allow you to gain more attention and best exhibition effect and returns during exhibition period through closely cooperating with organizations and medias..

※  Exhibition Introduction

China is the biggest brew, beverage and liquid food consumer market in the world. With upgrade of the consume structure, rapid development of science and technology and acceleration of internationalized process, the “branding” and “high-end oriented” trend for brew, beverage and liquid food is increasingly apparent. People gradually turns their consumption habit to focus on brand, culture and communication, etc. spiritual needs, thus promoting transformation of the processing technology from traditional mode to modern production mode and optimization of production technology. All of those changes both put forward new requirement and meet great market development for brew, beverage and liquid food processing technology and equipment.  

Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong Province, the frontier city for reform and opening-up, the national center city and the important window for China’s foreign trade with important strategy position. Guangdong is the center of Pan-pearl River Delta Economic Zone and core of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, adjoining Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and radiating Southeast Asia. With convenient sea, land and air transportation, wide market radiation area, developed economy, strong industrial base and huge market potential, Guangdong province is the competition highland for national industry and market wind indicator.

To improve brew, beverage and liquid food processing technology and production technology, promote domestic brew, beverage and liquid food market to integrate with the world, actively response to the national policy of accelerating the transformation of the pattern of economic development, help China accelerate the transformation of the pattern of economic development enterprises to achieve transformation and upgrading, speed up industry change, improve enterprise competitiveness and better satisfy requirement of broad masses on growing good life, under the leadership of competent departments at all levels, Guangzhou Zhongdian International Exhibitions Co., Ltd, together with industrial authority, scheduled to hold “the Guangzhou International Brew Beverage Processing Technology and Equipment Expo 2019” (BBE 2019) at Guangzhou Pazhou International Purchasing Office during April 9-11, 2019. We will provide a “specialized, internationalized and branding” international trade platform for expanding business, technical exchange, showing strength, obtaining message, developing relations with clients, promoting new products and seeking cooperative partners to domestic and foreign exhibitors based on regional advantages of Guangzhou Region, through deepening activity connotation and adhering to the idea of promoting industry’s healthy and sustainable development. This expo covers the liquid food processing and packaging whole industry chain, providing more cooperation opportunities for global brew and beverage processing technology and equipment industry, powerfully promoting China brew and beverage processing technology and equipment to fully enter into global purchasing system and coordinating and cooperating with each country’s industry in the world so as to mutually benefit, win and develop. 

※  Exhibits Scope

Processing technology and equipment for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and liquid food

Complete systems for malt and beer, for soft drinks, fruit juices and water, wine, sparkling; wine and spirits, for milk and liquid milk products, for liquid foods; Production and processing of malt and raw grain; Brew house equipment; Yeast treatment, fermentation and largering; Craft beer equipment; De-alcoholisation plant; Other installations for malt and beer; Filter and centrifuges; Sugar infeed and treatment, sugaring equipment; Fruit and vegetables treatment and processing plant; Deaeration installations; Premixers; Sterilizing; High temperature sterilizing; Plant, machinery and installations for mixing and agitating; Gassing and metering equipment for inert gas; Systems for extraction, distillation, rectification; Homogenizing.

Filling and packaging technology for alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks and liquid food

PET packaging; Injection mold; Blowing machine; Aseptic systems (incl. Sterilizing, filling, sealing) for plastic bottles, soft packs, tubs, and other containers and packs; Cleaning, filling and sealing technology for containers; Cleaning and filling machines for kegs, casks, and containers; Inspection and sorting machines, monitoring equipment; Labelling, finishing, marking and identification technology; Wrapping; Packing and unpacking machines, multiple packing machines; Palletizing, depalletizing and discharging equipment; Robotics; Conveyors and components.

Restaurant and catering equipment, supplies and mobile facilities, advertising

Beer dispensing equipment, cellar tanks systems and beverage vending machines; Restaurant and catering equipment and furnishing; Mobile beverage dispensing and sales equipment; Catering supplies. 

Process automation, control and IT solutions

Chilling, heating and heat maintenance plant; Air compressor; Pump, valves, fittings, pipeline and pigging systems; Hydraulic components; Pneumatic components; Motor and reducer; Other general fittings; Metal processing; Chemical product; Adhesive and glue; Washing and disinfection; Sensors and instruments of analyzing, measuring, testing, and recording; Others. 

Parts and components

Chains and belts; Conveyor system; Water treatment; Purification; Comprehensive utilization heat exchange; Cip system; Installations for process hygiene; Energy saving; Online inspection; Installation for measurement recording; Intelligent software; Automatic control system; Components for drive technology; Thermal processing technology; It solution; Laboratory instrument; Tubular and plate sterilizer; Pasteurizer; Filters; Pressure vessel; CO₂recovery system; Heat recovery system; Methane recovery system; Plastic and rubber; Nylon product; Beer cooler, beer keg; Dispenser; Vending machine; Others.

Containers and packaging materials

Plastic containers; Glass containers; Metal containers; Large-volume containers; Stand-up bags/pouches; Soft packs; Bag-in-box/pouch packages; Crates; Pallets; Cardboard packages for containers; Plastic packaging for containers; Closures; Labels; Crate-accessories; Packaging films and shipping damage prevention supplies.

Raw material, additives and agents

Flavoring, essences, basic materials and concentrates; Brewing barley; Emulsifying agents; Enzymes; Fruit juices and pulp; Hops/hops products; Carbon dioxide; Preservatives; Malt; Raw grain; Stabilizers; Nitrogen; Other raw materials, additives and agents.

Logistics and transportation equipment

Order picking plant and storage systems; In-house transport vehicles; Transport vehicles and truck loading and unloading equipment.

Related institutions

Trade associations; Research and training; Planning, consulting, work safety, service and trade press.

※  Target Visitor

Alcoholic drink (Beer, Liquor, Wine, Fruit wine, Yellow wing, Alcohol, etc.);Beverage (Carbonated drink, Fruit and vegetable juice, protein beverages, Drinking water, Tea beverage, caffeinated drink, Vegetable drinks, Flavor beverage, Special use beverage, etc.);Liquid dairy (Pasteurized milk, Sterilized milk, Yogurt, etc.);Condiment (Soy sauce, Vinegar, Other liquid condiments);Edible oil;Liquid food packaging. 

※  Participation Fees

Standard Booth Should be added 10℅ charge if ordering two-sided opening standard booth

Booth categories

Standard Booth

Indoor Raw Space

Domestic enterprise

CNY 12900/one

CNY 1290/m²

Oversea enterprise

USD 3500/one

 USD 350/ m²

Remarks: 1) Space of 36m² is the minimum renting quantity; 2) Cost of construction management:28 CNY/m²; 3)Standard booth disposes materials including partition walls of three sides; one desk, two chairs; one stand garbage can; basic lighting (2 lamps) and one 13 amp power point(5A/220V) .


Journal advertisingThe proceedings are printed with the colored art paper precisely, which size is: 130mm×210mm)。

Front cover: CNY 30000

Inside front cover and inside back cover: CNY 12000

Title page: CNY 10000

Black and white page: CNY 3000

Back cover: CNY 20000

color trans page : CNY 15000

color page: CNY 6000

500 introduction: CNY 2000


Other advertising

Arched door: CNY 12000 /one

balloon: CNY 3000/one

entrance ticket: CNY 30000/100000 pieces

invitation card: CNY 15000/50000

handbag: CNY 10000/2000

lady serving at ceremony: CNY 300/person/day

Colored flag: CNY 500/one

Flower basket: CNY 200/one


Technology exchanging and Product technology briefing conference:

CNY 8000/40minutes/onemeeting(providing site, light, sound equipment, desk-chair equipment).


Registration fee for a conference:

CNY 1000/person (including souvenir, lunch, drink).


Limited in three sponsors. Detailed references are available on request. (For detailed information, please refer to the index).

※  Exhibition schedule

Registration and installation of exhibitsApril 7-8, 2019

Exhibition timeApril 9-11, 2019

Dismantle of exhibitsApril 11, 2019

※  Participation procedure

The applicant should fill in the “Participating-exhibition application” carefully, the person in charge must sign and seal it, and then fax them with business license to the committee. Transfer the fee in advance(or 50% deposit) to the assigned account number within seven days after applying, then assure the place for exhibition, and pay off the balance before April 1, 2019.

If the participant wants to transfer the exhibition stand to other companies without  permission, the sponsor has the right to revoke his exhibition booth and won’t return participation fees. Uproot fake, inferior and tort goodsIf the participant’s exhibits do not assort with exhibition requirements, the sponsor will reserve the right of disqualifying and not returning participation fees.

Stand and Advertising are arranged by the subcommittee, our distribution principles: “apply first, pay first, get first” The assistant unit will be given priority arrangement; the finial right for stands adjustment will be reserved by subcommittee. Without the permission, the qualification of exhibition will be withdrawn if the businessman wants only to transfer the exhibiting place, uproot fake and inferior goods.

After transfering all fees, the participants fax the transfer bank receives to subcommittee for reference. Invoice will be issued by the subcommittee financial section in the spot or post  according to your request. The fee for exhibition will not be returned if they resign during the course. If the exhibition stops because of some unresisting factors (such as war, nature disaster, epidemic situation, administrative decree), both sides needn’t abey to the contract, and ascertain responsibility of the other side’s breaking the contract, the fees of the participants will be returned.

The Admission Notice and handbook about participating in the exhibition will be posted, sent or e-mail to all the participants before one month of the exhibition.

Welcome you all to participate in the exhibition. Applications and registrations are now being processed and please contact the organizing committee.

Contact Details
Contact Person:Xu Yan
Mobile Phone:

Sincerely invite your company to attend the exhibition ceremoniously, assist the grand occasion altogether and contribute to industry development.
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