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The 21st Asian (Beijing) international food and beverage expo

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Event Date 2019-04-17 - 2019-04-19
City Beijing
Address Beijing, China
Venue China international exhibition center
Organizer China National Food Industry Association
Official Site http://www.pinpaixumu.cn/

 The 21th Asia (Bei jing) International Food & Beverage Expo

Beijing exhibition: Beijing, April 17-19, 2019. China international exhibition center

Shanghai exhibition: August 28-30, 2019 Shanghai. Pudong new international expo center

Approved unit:

Ministry of commerce of the People's Republic of China

Guidance unit:

China food industry association

China food science and technology association national food and nutrition advisory committee

Beijing catering industry association

Organization and exhibition:

Beijing aibo international exhibition co. LTD

Exhibition introduction:

Our country has become the world's second largest food consumer, of the food in China annual sales growth rate as high as 30%, sales of nearly 300 billion yuan last year, with the improvement of consumption level and food safety is more and more attention, more and more consumers are choosing to buy imported foods, food enterprises have the commitment to import products, imported food in China in the future market space is big, huge space for development.

The 21st Asia (Beijing) international food and beverage fair organized by ibo will be held in Beijing China international exhibition center from April 17 to 19, 2019. The scale of this exhibition reaches a new high again, the area will reach 60000 square meters, nearly 2000 enterprises from more than 10 countries and regions to participate in the exhibition with about 6000 brands, the professional purchasers are estimated to be nearly 80000 person-times, at present has developed into the first exhibition of China's food and beverage trade.

Relying on the market in north China, the exhibition has always been the first consumption market and trade distribution center of food in China. With a superior geographical location and strong economic radiation capacity, it takes a leading position in the economic development of the food industry in China.

At present, most of the food enterprises in the market flow into the market through ordinary food channels, with only a small number of counters and stores for sale. The single channel is difficult to increase sales and expand the market, while the fierce competition and high threshold especially limit the development of small and medium-sized manufacturers. Channels in order to resolve the pain, get through the bridge of enterprise and business super market, strengthen the brand, product visibility and reputation in the market, enhance the brand market share, aibo exhibition make full use of market value for the enterprise to bring huge development space, power resources, media, the exhibition held seminar of "food security". Specially invited KA shangchao representatives such as China resources vanguard, baijia, carrefour, wal-mart, tesco and aeon, recommend products to shangchao enterprises in the form of enterprise roadshow and review. In addition, "Beijing high quality (excellent and excellent new) agricultural products procurement fair" was also held at the same time at the exhibition site. Many high-quality agricultural products and professional buyers gathered at the event site to jointly create a strong purchasing atmosphere and drive the volume of products to be explosive growth.

Many foreign companies are eager to bring unique foods to China, which has the world's largest consumer market. According to the national bureau of statistics, China's food imports have grown at an average annual rate of about 15 percent over the past five years. The imported food represented by fashion, quality and delicacy will usher in the super high speed development period. The American food industry association predicts that China will become the world's largest consumer of imported food by 2020, when the market for imported food in mainland China reaches 480 billion yuan. It can be said that the next decade will be a golden decade of rapid development of China's imported food, attracting global attention.

Previous review:

The last exhibition attracted South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong pavilion and domestic fujian pavilion, and domestic brands such as jilin pavilion, a well two, grain and food was the source, the river become valley, Beijing agriculture, Oriental donkey-hide gelatin, haihe river food, long fairy ring, little giant, pa tile walter, Australia kaisheng, hk rui industrial, agricultural, MuMu trade, watford in emperor, LanYun medical, SenQuan food, qinghua xu nuo industry giants all exhibitors. Exhibition area of 55000 square meters, more than 1200 exhibitors, the exhibition received three days to visit customers 50000 person-time, nearly thousand is engaged in the food and beverage industry clients at home and abroad together, to make the enterprise can quickly understand the upstream and downstream industry chain of new products, new technology, new material information and industry development trend, for food and beverage enterprises laid a good foundation for the transformation of science and technology in the future.

Promotion and publicity:

1. Online publicity: People's Daily, xinhuanet, People's Daily, economic net, China net, sina, sohu, brand food net, food information net, food business net, imported food net and other foreign mainstream media.

2. TV stations: cctv-1, cctv-4, cctv-7 agricultural channels, CCTV, Beijing satellite TV, etc.

3. Print media: People's Daily, guangming daily, China Daily, global times, economic daily, China food daily.

4. At the same time, the organizing committee will place advertisements on buses, subway stations, bus stops, elevator buildings and promote them in all aspects.

5. The organizing committee shall print 300,000 tickets and invitation letters, and invite the industry to visit and purchase through mailing and on-site distribution. Professionals in east China, central China and north China will be invited by telephone appointment and home visit.

6. Through years of accumulation, the organization has a huge database of audience, and invites visitors by phone, text message and email.

High quality purchasers:

1. Large database of purchasers. Designated and targeted, invited the President and secretary general of the catering industry association (business) in all provinces and cities, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, large middle and high-end supermarkets and top 100 catering enterprises in China.

2. National star-level hotels and all kinds of brand chain hotels, night venues, trading companies, food traders, food buyers, food wholesalers, food importers, food importers, Chinese restaurants, western restaurants, fast food restaurants, distributors, chain stores, bars, wine importers.

3. Wal-mart, carrefour, hualian, meilian, wumart, century lianhua, jingkelong, auchan, bofeng lotus, metro, traders, dealers, agents, gift group buying, large chain hotels, resorts.

4. Nearly 50,000 people, including retail, general manager, executive chef and purchasing director, purchasing managers and agents of major shangchao companies in various provinces and cities, visited and purchased the products, helping brand exhibitors to establish high-end industry contacts, improving business development efficiency and reducing cooperative transaction costs.

5. Foreign embassies in China and other professional buyers who come to the exhibition are assisted by cooperating with various trade associations.

6. Set up high-end display platform and practical trading environment for the food and beverage industry, and assist exhibitors to expand the booming high-end food and beverage market in China.

7. During the exhibition, industry authorities will be invited to hold relevant high-level seminars on the development trend and market demand of China's food and beverage industry.

Activities during the same period:

Customers participating in the expo will have the opportunity to participate in the award selection activities. "Recommend new products" award; "Quality product, best product" award; (please request the organization unit: 13466643685)


Dessert, chocolate and casual food series; Instant frozen, frozen food and ice cream products;

Drinks, fruit juice, drinking water and instant drinks; Soybean oil, olive oil and grain and oil products series;

Import of infant food and milk powder; The bird's nest, health food and nutrition series;

Coffee, tea and beverage infusion series; Products and imported enzyme products;

Wine, wine, liquor and wine series; Dairy, milk and egg products;

Series of biscuits, pastries and baked goods; Fruits, nuts and imported organic food;

Meat, food and seafood series; Fruits, vegetables, grains and agricultural and sideline products;

Emphasis on condiments and food ingredients series; Food container, packaging equipment and food machinery series;

Strategic promotion opportunities:

In order to enhance the enterprise's brand awareness and reputation, highlight the excellent product quality and service, enable the enterprise to participate in this exhibition to achieve the optimal effect, the organizing committee provides a variety of strategic cooperation programs.

Participating in this exhibition as a strategic cooperation unit, we will get the following 8 services and publicity:

1. Promote the harmonious relationship between your company and government departments

3. TV station, newspaper media interview, key publicity on the official website of the conference. 4

5. Customized "one-to-one" professional audience invitation; 6

7. Special publicity of pre-exhibition news, conference journal, procurement guide and mass texting, etc

Strategic cooperation level: 200,000, 350,000, 500,000, 800,000, etc. (please contact the organization and organization for details: 13466643685).

Participation procedures:

1. The exhibitor should have the business license and legal approval documents within the valid period of production and operation.

2. Booth allocation principle: "application first, payment first, arrangement first".

3. After selecting the booth, please fill in the exhibition application and contract form carefully, stamp the official seal and fax or email to the organizing committee.

4. The organizing committee has the right to change the booth or cancel the booth qualification if the booth fee is not paid within 2 days.

5. The exhibitor should fax the bank money order to the organizer after the payment.

Organizing committee registration office:

Beijing aibo international exhibition co. LTD

Manager of investment promotion department: Chen bin: 134 6664 3685 WeChat/QQ: 1395590814


Booth setting standard booth allocation specification for Beijing and Shanghai

Foreign deluxe double-open 3m x 3m $5300 lintel board, a negotiation table, two chairs, one 220v power socket, two fluorescent lamps, carpet, picture publicity printing and production (you can obtain the effect drawing from the organizing committee);

Foreign deluxe offers 3m by 3m $4800 lintel board, a negotiating table, two chairs, a 220v power socket, two fluorescent lamps, carpets, and pictures for publicity and production (effect drawings can be obtained from the organizing committee);

Foreign ordinary double-open 3m x 3m $4300 lintel board production, a negotiating table, two chairs, a 220v power socket, two fluorescent lamps, carpet;

Foreign ordinary single open 3m x 3m $3800 lintel board production, a negotiating table, two chairs, a 220v power socket, two fluorescent lamps, carpet;

Domestic luxury double-open 3m x 3m yuan 18500 lintel board, one negotiation table, two chairs, one 220v power socket, two fluorescent lamps, carpet, picture publicity and painting and making (effect drawing can be obtained from the organizing committee);

Domestic luxury single opening 3m by 3m yuan 16800 lintel board, a negotiation table, two chairs, 220v power socket

One, two fluorescent lamp, carpet, picture publicity printing and production (you can obtain the effect drawing from the organizing committee);

China has two sets of 3m by 3m: 15800 lintel board, one negotiation table, two chairs, one 220v power outlet, two fluorescent lamps, and carpet.

Domestic single production of 3m by 3m yuan 13800 lintel board, a negotiation table, two chairs, a 220v power socket, two fluorescent lamps, carpet;

Abroad, in light, 36 rent of $500 / without any configuration, building on its own

The nate in light, 36 no configuration of the RMB 1500 / , building on its own

Part two: supporting advertisement price list

Catalogue page

Sealing surface seal bottom cross - color page cover (2, 3) inside the color pages of black and white pages

20,000 yuan 15,000 yuan 12,000 yuan 10,000 yuan 5,000 yuan 3,000 yuan

Publicity printing

Door ticket please hand bag card box visit card (exclusive) certificate hanging rope

5,000 yuan per thousand yuan per thousand 6,000 yuan per thousand 6,000 yuan per thousand 30,000 yuan per twenty thousand yuan per ten thousand

Exhibition hall

Balloon band (3m)

Height: 15mX width: 1.4m

1 row = 20x1.5mx1m/face wall banner

Width 24mx high 4m wall banners

High 10mx 0.8m flag

1.5 mx0.45 m high

12,000 yuan/each 12,000 yuan/row 40,000 yuan/piece 4000 yuan/piece 500 yuan/side

Part iii: BBS conference room price list

Remarks :(including the following services)

1. Provision of technical facilities (podium, chairs) and a bucket of water;

2. Power supply, projector, audio, microphone, etc.;

3. Provide pre-conference announcements.

It can hold 150 people for 9000 yuan/hour

It can hold 300 people for 10,000 yuan/hour

Contact Details
Contact Person:Chen Bin

Our country has become the world's second largest food consumer, of the food in China annual sales growth rate as high as 30%, sales of nearly 300 billion yuan last year.
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