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2019 China (Shanghai) International Baking Exhibition

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Event Date 2019-05-29 - 2019-05-31
City Shanghai
Address Shanghai,China
Venue Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center
Organizer China Entry-Exit Inspection And Quarantine Association

 2019 China (Shanghai) International Baking Exhibition

Introduction to the exhibition 

Shanghai International Bakery Exposition 2009, with a total of 20,000 exhibitors and professional buyers from more than 100 countries and regions, has become an annual indispensable part of China's bakery food industry. The grand meeting. 

Shanghai International Baking Exhibition (Shanghai Baking Exhibition) has been successfully held in Shanghai for dozens of times as an industry procurement event in the field of baked food in China. The exhibition covers an area of more than 100,000 square meters and attracts thousands of excellent baked food suppliers from more than 40 countries and regions around the world. To attend the exhibition and visit hundreds of thousands of professional buyers from home and abroad in the field of baking food. During the same period, the exhibition held a number of forums and activities, including the International Exchange on Import and Export Baked Food Policy and Laws and Regulations, the International Cross-border E-Commerce Summit, the Symposium on Import Food Labels and Hygiene Standards, the Forum and Award Ceremony on Innovation of Characteristic Food and Beverage Development, the Chinese Baked Food Tasting Conference and the International Salon Meeting of Buyers The attention of many international organizations and industry colleagues. Relying on the strong demand of China's consumer market, Shanghai will become an influential baking food industry event in the Asia-Pacific region. The exhibition plans to substantially upgrade the scale, grade and invitation of professional buyers on the original basis. The exhibition will be a rare opportunity for bakery enterprises all over the world to exchange and study, to negotiate economic and trade, to expand their business and to upgrade their brands. We believe that China bakery Expo 2008 Shanghai Bakery Exhibition will bring more harvest and greater joy to Chinese and foreign exhibitors. 

The exhibition aims at hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs, shops and other commercial spaces. It specializes in one-stop supply of baked goods and solutions. It will invite nearly 10,000 buyers to participate in the exhibition.

Exhibition advantages

 More than 100 media support and participation at home and abroad, publicity density coverage, density.

A number of industry associations have devoted their efforts to support the industry's leading event. 

Make full use of the accumulated database of 500,000 professional spectators over the years to organize visits by professionals at home and abroad. 

Scope of Exhibits

Food, cakes (moon cakes), bread, cakes, biscuits, raw and auxiliary materials for food and beverage, decorations and food substitution processing (OEM);

Special grease, butter, special flour, ready mixed powder, frozen dough, starch and potato products; 

Stuffing, fruit, nuts, preserved fruits, canned fruits and cakes, cakes and accessories; 

Baking equipment and appliances, craft baking equipment and appliances, baking products and finished products;

Food filling frying pan and sandwich pot; (stuffing) automatic measuring and packing machine; 

Biscuit production equipment, raw materials and packaging, etc. 

Moon cake packaging, filling, mold and production equipment; 

Display cabinets, storage and freezer, shop decoration;

Flour additives, bread improver, cake improver, instant noodle improver, preservative, yeast, perfume, flavor, pigment, sweetener and other related food additives; 

Food (moon cake, biscuits, cold food, pasta, chocolate, etc.) packaging machinery; 

Pie room, kitchen, western restaurant, coffee shop production equipment, raw materials and supplies; 

Cake decoration materials including dried meat floss, chocolate products, sugar Tsai, candles, imitation food models, etc. 

Coffee, coffee products, coffee machine, coffee processing equipment; 

Baking technology, books and periodicals, baking Institutions and related food equipment, utensils, tools and metal detection equipment.

Audience category

Distributors, agents, distributors, retailers, franchisees, supply centers with strong sales network terminals,

 Large supermarkets, chain stores and counters, community supermarket chains and convenience stores;

 Hotels, hotels, restaurants, major clubs, resorts, top 500 enterprise group purchase center and other important group purchase units;

 Purchasers stationed in China, import and export trading companies, more than 130 foreign embassies in China commercial offices, senior managers of enterprises, etc.

Invited Buyer Business Matching: For your target user industry, the sponsor will invite potential buyers one-on-one to come to the site and talk to you face-to-face. Invited buyers'business matching activities are welcomed by the industry. Many of them have reached a purchase intention with exhibitors on the spot, which improves efficiency and saves time and travel costs.

participation fee

Standard booth:

A: domestic enterprises: standard booth 16800.00/ extension (RMB) 3M * 3M 

B: Foreign Enterprises: standard booth 4800.00/ exhibition period (USD) 3M * 3M 

(Including: three white wallboard, Chinese (English) lintel production, consulting table, folding chair two, carpet covered, booth lighting, 220V/1 power outlet, a waste paper basket.) 

Indoor light: 

Domestic enterprises: 1500 (RMB) / square meter 

Foreign invested enterprises: 480 (USD) / square meters 

Note: (minimum 36 square meters rent) "bare land" only provides exhibition area, excluding exhibition racks, exhibition tools, carpets, power supply, etc. 

Participation Procedures

1. fill in the "exhibition return receipt" as required and fax it to the organizer.

2. Exhibitors are required to pay 50% of the rent of the bank wire transfer booth as a deposit (RMB) or a lump-sum payment to ensure the location of the booth. The balance of the rental of the booth should be remitted not later than April 1, 2019.

3. After confirming the booth, the organizer will send the Exhibitor's Manual to the exhibitors, which includes the introduction of the exhibition hall, the transportation of exhibits, the design and construction of the booth, the accommodation arrangement and the rental of articles. Exhibitors must fill out the relevant forms in the manual as required and return them to the organizers before the deadline.

4. the allocation of booth shall be based on the principle of "making reservations before booking and implementing confirmation".

Contact Details
Contact Person:Jiang Kai
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