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Shanghai International Hotel & Catering Suppliers Fair

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Event Date 2019-06-04 - 2019-06-06
City Shanghai
Address Shanghai,China
Venue Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center
Organizer Food Logistics Commission of China National Food Industry Association
Official Site http://www.gcfbe.com/
Sponsor Shanghai Kilnexpo Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd.

Shanghai International Hotel & Catering Suppliers Fair

| Exhibition Overview 

As an important feast - The 10th China (Shang hai) International Catering Food & Beverage Exhibition 2019 of international food ingredients industry to "build a platform for exchanges and cooperation, boost the healthy development of industry"as the theme, show the food and beverage industry enterprises, to capture market opportunities, to internationalization as the goal, based on the China world. A comprehensive display of health food ingredients, food ingredients industry's latest products and brand image, strengthen technological exchanges at home and abroad food ingredients enterprise and economic and trade cooperation, the downstream industry chain effectively boost the food ingredients industry, promote the healthy development of catering food industry; exhibition aims for domestic and foreign manufacturers, distributors, retailers, experts and scholars, lovers and consumers and stakeholders and enterprises face-to-face negotiation and distribution business cooperation, exchange of experience to create one of the most direct and effective platform.

 | Previous review 

Shanghai Food Catering Fair to set up the industry and promote the development of the industry as the direction, scale and quantity of exhibition number of exhibitors and attendees of record highs; to provide quality services for docking Chinese catering industry, the exhibition brands: COFCO, Shuanghui, BRIGHT FOODCAFEDON, Zhongtian Sheep, Food-in , Zhangzidao sea cucumber, HANGZHOU YOUNGSUN INTELLIGENT, Yihai Kerry, Anjoy Fujian food, Guizhou Poplar Old Milk, Howay Grain Storage, Chongqing Kai Ling,Shandong gold, Mengsen, Shandong Lu Hai group, Laural food, JINGSHI AGRICULTURE, Shanghai Sheng Li Fa, Shanghai Ocean Fisheries Group, Suzhou hung Chang, Qinjie Foods,Fuzhou oceanpower sichuan, Longda food, chouguiyu,HUAOU STARCH,Haitong food,Lamb Weston,Shanghai Miwenjian,Taste King Food,etc. The 9th China (Shang hai) International Catering Food & Ingredients Exhibition 2018, attracted from Russia, South Korea, Japan, India, Thailand, Turkey, Iran, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, USA, Canada, Italy, France, Taiwan and other 28 countries and regions, and many domestic provinces and cities with 536 exhibitors rich food collective debut, received a total of 29,280 visitors, including professional buyers and professional audience of 13,901 people, the total exhibition area of over 26,000, with many yuan taste feast for fans of delicacy delicacy. At present, the exhibition has become the large scale and good effect international professional exhibition of catering ingredients industry, and it is also a landmark exhibition of the development of food ingredients industry.


|Co-located events

Shanghai International Food ingredients and Condiments Exhibition 2019

Shanghai International High-end Animal husbandry and Meat industry Exhibition 2019

Shanghai International Fresh Logistics & cold chain cold storage Technology Equipment Exhibition 2019


|Concurrent Events 

China's catering and cold chain logistics innovation development peak BBS.

Shanghai Hot pot Cuisine Culture Festival 2019

Shanghai Vegetarian, Fruit and Vegetable Culture Festival 2019

National Creative Hotel Food Cooking Contest and Hotel Special Ingredients Event

A Bite of Seafood-Introduction and Tasting Meeting of Seafood

Hotel & Catering buyer pairing meeting

China excellent ingredients / enterprise selection 

|Scope of exhibits   

Meat Products: Frozen / chilled meat, rolled meat, meatballs, ham, sausage, prepared foods, ready meal products,etc.

Seafood: Frozen seafood, dried, live seafood, aquatic prepared products and deep- processing products,etc.  

Poultry Food: Frozen poultry, poultry parts, prepared poultry products, deep- processed poultry,egg products,etc.  

Vegetable and Mushroom Products: Frozen vegetables, prepared vegetables,soy sauce pickles, pickles, vegetable products and various edible mushrooms,etc.

Instant Food Products: Instant steamed rice, instant soup, fast food, instant porridge,retort pouches,etc.

Other Ingredients: Wines and drinks, soy products, dairy products, cereals and pasta products, wild venison and various new organic ingredients;

Food Seasonings: Edible oil, MSG, chicken essence, soy sauce, vinegar, sauces, soups, barbecue products, spices and hot pot seasonings,etc.

All Related Equipment: Food processing equipment, sterilization equipment, packaging equipment, frozen equipment, warehousing and cold chain logistical equipment,etc.

Fresh lectricity : Internet plus B2B, O2O fresh supply chain procurement platform, group meals, agricultural and sideline products suppliers and logistics service providers,etc.

Catering cashier management software, touch screen ordering software, information software of various catering equipment, stainless steel and ceramic tableware,etc.

| Visiting audience  

1, the huge "purchaser" database, fixed, directed to invite various provinces, the National Food Industry Association (business) Hongkong Macao and Taiwan Association, the secretary general, in the high-end large supermarkets, Chinese hundred catering enterprises, airlines catering department.

2, the hotel and all kinds of brand chain hotel, trading company, food traders, food procurement, food wholesalers,food importers,Chinese restaurant,western restaurant, fast food restaurant, Distributor, chain stores, bars, wine importers.

3, WAL-MART, Carrefour, Hualian, Milian Mi, Wumart, Century Lianhua, Jingkelong, Auchan, lotus, Metro, traders, dealers, agents, gifts, large chain hotels and Resorts Group purchase.

4, general manager, executive chef and purchasing director, national and provincial major super purchasing managers and agents such as nearly 20 thousand people visit procurement, help brands establish high-end industry contacts circle, improve business efficiency, reduce the transaction costs of cooperation.

5, the embassy and with various industry associations, assisting in the organization of professional buyers to the exhibition.

6, for food and beverage industry to build a display platform and effective trading environment, to help exhibitors expand the booming Chinese food and beverage market.

7, during the exhibition, will invite industry authority on the development trend of food and beverage products and market demand held high-level seminars. 

|Booth Rate     

International Exhibitor

Standard Booths(3m*3m):USD 3,000/9;Deluxe booth(3m*3m):USD 4,000/9;

(Plus 10% for corner booth).

Raw Space:USD 300/(minimum 36 sq.m.).

New product and new technology conference: USD 3000/45 minutes

Industry special co organizer $38,000, only 1; CO organizer $28,000, only 2; reception dinner co organizer $20,000, limited to 1 (details see attachment 1, 2, 3). 

1.fill in the application form for exhibition, mail or fax to the organization. The principle of "first application, first payment, first arrangement";

2.Within one week after the Booth Application,Exhibitors will cost [50% (deposit) or full payment] by telegraphic transfer or pay to the organization ,the balance paid before in May 3, 2019. After remitting the expenses, the exhibitor will send the bank remittance email to the exhibition organization.

To reserve the booth of “CFBE CHINA 2019 Shanghai Food Catering Fair” or learn more information, please contact:

Organizing Committee of The 10th China (Shang hai) International Catering Food & Beverage Exhibition 2019  

International Division

Contacts: Jimmy

WeChat: 13482165724

Tel: 86-21-6042-8394 

E-mail: sales@kilnexpo.com

Add: 307,88 Sanlin Road,Shanghai,Pudong New Area.

Western China: No. 2, Daqing Road, Xi'an, 18-2-13. 

Contact Details
Contact Person:Jimmy

The 10th China (Shang hai) International Catering Food & Beverage Exhibition 2019 of international food ingredients industry to "build a platform for exchanges and cooperation, boost the healthy development of industry"as the theme, show the food and beverage industry enterprises.
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