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Food science and technology innovation forum in 2018

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Event Date 2018-03-20 - 2018-03-21
City shanghai
Address shanghai
Venue shanghai
Organizer Foodmate; “Science and Technology of Food Industry”


Notice about holding the “Food science and technology innovation forum in 2018” and technology innovation, new technology, new product promotion seminar

With the growth of people’s living standard and people’s demand for foods day by day, it is a social need to produce a variety of safe, healthy and novel foods, among which food innovation is especially important. Food innovation is inseparable from food additives, there is no modern food industry without food additives, and therefore exploring the application of food additives has an extraordinary significance and value for the progress of China’s food industry.

In order to implement the state’s emphasis on food safety, “Science and Technology of Food Industry” and Foodmate are scheduled to hold the “Food science and technology innovation forum in 2018” in Shanghai from March 20-21 of 2018. We specially invited domestic food industry experts, R & D directors of domestic & foreign well-known food manufacturers to attend. The purpose of science and technology forum is “Technological innovation, industrial innovation”. We will answer questions for the participants from the policies & regulations, industry direction, experience exchange and other aspects, to build a platform of mutual exchange, learning, improving, displaying business features and promoting innovations for enterprises. We warmly welcome new and old friends.

Organizer:   Foodmate

“Science and Technology of Food Industry”


Food manufacturers, scientific research institutions, raw material suppliers, machinery suppliers, safety inspection agencies and market research agencies, etc..

The value of attending the meeting

Policies & Regulations: Listen to the interpretation on policies & regulations by government officials, and grasp the policy orientation;

Industry orientation: Intimately contact with well-known experts in the industry, and explore the industrial development trends and prospects;

Experience exchange: Understand the research & development direction of the leading terminal food manufacturers, and grasp the pulse of the market;

Business development: Get in touch with the well-known additive suppliers for your product replacement;

Security assurance: Establish and improve food safety system to ensure food safety;

Authoritative media: Propagate new technologies and promote new products at the uttermost;

Precise communication: Provide precise goals for the upcoming industry gathering.

Main topics and speakers: (updated on January 29)

(I): Regulations supervision and standards interpretation

Supervision and production license for Animal raw materials at production and processing: experts from CFDA

Interpretation on the Administrative measures for the registration of food for special medical purposes: Health Food Review Center of CFDA;

Legislation basis and intelligent solutions for determination of food ingredients compliance: Standards & Regulations Research Center of Foodmate

Fast sensory evaluation and analysisHelp new product development and innovation: Brand Food R & D Center of COFCO Nutrition and Health Institute

(II): Analysis of industry trends

Industry upgrading orientation and products of dairy industry (tentative name): Product R & D and Innovation Center of Yili Group

Market analysis and development trend of Lactic acid fermented food: Dr. Fang Shuguang, Chairman of Jiangsu Wecare Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Market analysis and product innovation of candy and chocolate in the world: Xie Yuan, Beijing Tianbo Information Consulting Co., Ltd.;

Global trend of food and beverage in 2018: Mintel Information Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.;

Market analysis and product innovation of candy and chocolate in the world: Xie Yuan, Beijing Tianbo Information Consulting Co., Ltd.;

Global trend of food and beverage in 2018: Mintel Information Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.;

Research on the innovative drive of plant-based food and beverage: Xu Chao, Director of Industry Research Center of Foodmate

(III) The application and promotion of new products, new technologies and new raw materials

Efficient screening and key application technologies of functional probiotic Lactobacillus: Chen Wei, tutor of PH.D. and vice president of Jiangnan University;

Solutions for fermented beverage plant (tentative name): Wang Dechun, R & D Center (China) of Nutrition and Health Division of  DuPont

Analysis of the green manufacturing technology value and its application in the field of meat products processing: Peng Zengqi, National Meat Research Center of Nanjing Agricultural University, Doctor

Application of special grease in food industry: Yihai Kerry Food Marketing Co., Ltd.

High-level R & D and innovation assists the development of foods for special medical purpose (Infants formula food development): Nestle (China) Co., Ltd.

Opportunities and challenges for the beverage industry in the new era (to be confirmed): Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd.

Latest research progress and market prospects of Herbal tea: JDB Group Co., Ltd.;

Application of enzymes and micromolecule raw materials in the food industry: Dr. Shan Shoushui, Doctor, Senior Engineer/Professor and master tutor of Yantai University, director of Starch and polyol branch of China Bioindustry Association

Discuss on the new ideas of innovative and R & D of health foods: Amway (China) Co., Ltd

Tradition and innovation of the condiments around the diet ecosystem (tentative name): Director of Technology Department, Shinho Food Co., Ltd.

Functional application of fermented drinks: Qingdao Bright Moon Seaweed Group Co., Ltd.;

(Speakers invited ......)

Expense standard:

Standard expense: 2800 CNY/person
Discount for applicant: 2000 CNY /person for the ones that have paid before February 9, 2018
2400 CNY /person for the ones that have paid before March 9, 2018
Group applicants: 2000 CNY /person for 3 or more persons of the same company


Fees include: participation service fee, venue, materials, meeting lunch and reception dinner. Transportation cost and accommodation cost shall be paid by yourselves

Conference committee:

To facilitate the conference work, participants at the conference shall fill out the “Receipt form” (see attachment) and send them back to the committee by email.

Exhibitions will be set up for the conference, and the conference sponsors are being recruited. Please contact the committee for more information.


Ms. Dong Lijuan Telephone:
+86 18953528722, QQ: 1366596749

Please fill in the application form in the attachment in details, and reply to yanfa@foodmate.net;


Contact Details
Contact Person:MS Dong
QQ 1366596749
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