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Organic Industry Flagship Expo // International Organic and Green Food Industry Expo

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Event Date 2016-08-17 - 2016-08-19
City Shanghai
Address Shanghai
Venue Shanghai
Organizer Beijing Shibowei International Exposition Co., Ltd
Official Site http://en.gnfexpo.com

Theme: Organic———Makes our lives better

     ◇ Key subsidies exhibition from MINISTRY OF COMMERCE;
     ◇ More than 20 foreign pavilions participate in the expo;
     ◇ Asian larger scale , the professional, the authoritative brand expo in organic food industry;
     ◇ 15000 sqm show areas, More than 800 participation brands, 30000 appointment visitors;
     ◇ CCTV7、 CCTV4、 BTV、 Dragon TV、 Phoenix Television、 HongKong TV etc do synchronous report

              Special Support:Embassy of the Republic of Sri Lanka
              Embassy of the Republic of Uganda
              Japan Health Industry News Agency in Circulation, Shanghai branch
              China Organic Ecological Industry Federation
              Chinese Cereals and Oils Association( CCOA)

Sponsor: Shibowei International Exhibition Group
               Chinese Organic & Natural Foods Association
               Joint-Organizers:Korea Organic Farming Association ECOCERT China
               CERES( Shanghai) Certification Co., Ltd

Organizer: Beijing Shibowei International Expo Co., Ltd
                 Shibowei(Shanghai) Expo Co., Ltd

Official website: http://en.gnfexpo.com/

Show Area
     ◇Nutrition Health Food Show
     ◇ High-end Mineral Water Show
     ◇High-end Hotel Food Ingredients Show
     ◇ Import Food and High-end Cooking Oil Show
     ◇Enzyme Product &Natural Beauty Products Show

Organic in China--Industry Outlook and Market Trend

In recent years,the food quality and safety of China issues are particularly concerned.According to the related survey, it shows that food safety has become one of the most worrying current problem, so consumers are increasingly buying organic pollution-free natural food. The industry experts expressed that China’s market of organic food is huge and perennial shortage is accounted for 30%,also the figures will continue to rise. Although the development of organic food in China falls behind the western developed countries, the experts predict that the production area and annual production growth of China organic agriculture will be at the speed of 20%—30% in the future ten years among agricultural production area is accounted for 1.0%—1.5% share; The exports of organic food is accounted for exceed 5% of agricultural exports.The organic food is expected to account for 1.0%- 1.5% of the Chinese whole food market and the demand of international organic food market for China's organic food will reach 5% or above.Meanwhile, part of organic food will still rely on imports,especially in dairy products, wine, chocolate, oats, sugar, fruit, and other products. Therefore,the domestic and overseas market demand for China organic food will increase year by year as huge potential market and organic food will surely become a rising-sun industry of food industry. In China,The distributor often brings a copy of foreign organic certificates with them when promoting organic products in person and shows it to buyers. Showing a copy of the certificate is working quite well since Chinese consumers have a lot of trust in foreign institutions and imported products.These tips will help you enter China’s market quickly, but only offer a short-term solution. For your long-term success, you may want to work with your distributor to get Certified Organic in China.

China International Organic and Green Food Industry Expo is the main section of China International Health Industry Expo. From 2012 to 2014,it was entitled as the national key support leading exhibition in the national health field). It has been successfully held for 20 times. With the growth and accumulation for many years of this expo,we not only witnessed the growing process of organic&green food industry, also opened up new ways for the innovation and development of exhibition industry.We regard Shanghai and Beijing as host city to create the brand of organic industry exhibition.On August 17th ,2016, we will held the opening ceremony of the 20th Shanghai-Autumn Shibowei Organic Food Expo at SINEC Shanghai and are looking forward to your participation.

Exhibition Advantage

1. Strong Organizers
Shibowei Organic Expo is approved by ministry of commerce, and is exclusively organized by Beijing Shibowei International Expo Co., Ltd for 20 times.

2.Wonderful activity in the show
In this expo, you can not only see the display of brand organic green products at home and abroad,but also attend some various activities 《 Organic Green Forum》、 marketing communication seminar about Organic green food 、 High-end buyer business matching etc.Whether you are participating or visiting,you can benefit a lot.

3.Huge resource of customers
Since Shibowei was founded in 2003, it had held successfully this expo for 20 times, and mastered 58000 accurate and effective buyers' databases in the world organic and health products industry from 27 countries and regions. this opoint is enough to meet the benefit of your participation

4. Key supporting exhibition of Ministry of Commerce
With the friends’ support of health industry ,SBW Organic Expo had been held successfully for 20 times and is the only one key exhibition in national health industry with the government subsidies

5. The joint promotion of Authoritative medias
As shibowei.organic expo had been held successfully for 20 times,We had reached an in-depth cooperation with Authoritative medias.before this expo is started,we promote this expo through Baidu, weibo, WeChat etc; during this expo, we set up the interview of news broadcast from《 21food》 ;after this expo is ended, we do news report to guarantee your promotional effect through《 CCTV International》 《 Hong Kong TV》 《 CCTV7》 《 CHINA ECONOMIC NETWORK》 etc.

6.Directional merchants invitation
Shibowei.Organic Expo is not only high-end brand in the organic food industry at home and abroad,but also is only separate exhibition in organic industry.We realized the multi-channel promotion ways and locked range of customers invitation.Since you participate in this expo, we will arrange customer service executive to have directional invitation on buyer according to your requirements.This expo can realize some premium services which some comprehensive exhibitions can not get (like Candy and Liquor Trade Fair、 Food Expo and some agricultural exhibitions)

Award Selection Activities

1、 In order to assist customers to win the market honor and expand product sales, The organizing committee set up awards activities: All guests who participate in the exposition are entitled to take part in the bonuses issuing activity, we set Gold Award 、 Best-Ten Award 、 Science and technology Innovation Award、 Appointed Product Award、 Consumers Trust Brand Prize Award、 Most Valuable Brand Award 、 Recommended Product Award (For more information, please consult organizer committee).

2、 To show the strength of the company and set up the enterprise image, the organizing committee established title sponsorship and sponsor scheme. If you have interest, please ask the sponsorship scheme and relevant return regulations from the organizing committee.

Visitor Profile: (Professional, huge, accurate, high-end purchasing group)

1、The national government offices, enterprises and institutions, China Logistics Department of General Administration of Sport, Embassies in China and foreign enterprises groups, foreign buyers, import and export trading companies, domestic large enterprises, food production and processing bases, industry associations and professional buyers of media cooperation organization etc;

2、 Large health-care institutions, E-commerce on-line shop, Shopping center just for organic food , show and sale center of organic food , agents, dealers, traders, etc

3 、 Large supermarkets : Wal-mart, Carrefour, Wu-mart, Hua lian, Merry-mart, Century Mart, Trust-mart, Auchan, Lotus, Ht-store, Beijing Carrefour, Metro, Cathay Pacific Department Store, Liqun Shop, JIAN-MART, 2688, tootoo.cn, DUHUB etc), organic food stores, chain and business counters, gift shop, community chain supermarkets and convenience stores, etc

4、 Star hotels, business clubs, bars, entertainment venues, western restaurant, clubs, holiday village, rest home and other important group purchasing units etc

Exhibit Profile

Special Setting: Domestic & Foreign Pavilions Of Organic &Natural Food Display Area、 Leading Enterprise Display Area of National Key Agricultural Industrialization 、 Southeast Asian Specialty Food Display Area

Organic Food&Drinks Area:

1.Organic Food: Organic rice&grains,vegetables&fruits,Organic raw materials and semi-prepared products,Organic dairy products,Organic seafood products,Organic baby food,Organic meat product,Organic convenience food,Organic frozen food,Organic baby food,Organic snack food( dried fruit, candy and chocolate, etc.)

2.Organic Drinks:Organic tea, Organic coconut products,Organic honey products,Organic high-end oil (olive oil, palm oil, etc.),Organic fruit juice and soft drinks,Organic coffee,Organic wine&beer&fruit wine& white wine,&rice wine,Organic plant extracts etc.
3.Organic Condiment: Herbs, Natural spices, Spicy condiments,Soy sauce vinegar,Gourmet powder&Chicken flavor,Blend oil,Seasoning wine,Compound seasoning series etc.

4.Organic Medicinal Herbs: Gastrodia, Pueraria,Ginseng,Saffron,Moringa seed,other organic medicinal herbs;

Organic Products Area:

1.Organic ingredients and fragrances products
2.Organic cotton product;
3..Natural cosmetics and personal care products;
4. Natural fibers and textiles products;

Organic Industry Services
Associations; Certification and control services;Marketing and management consultancy Import product of Organic Food and Natural Products;

Contact Details
Contact Person:Ms.Wendy Wei
Mobile Phone:
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