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Asia (Beijing) International Import Food Expo 2016

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Event Date 2016-04-14 - 2016-04-16
City China
Address Beijing
Venue China International Exhibition Center
Organizer Beijing Shibowei International Exposition Co., Ltd
Official Site http://en.aifoode.com/

Approved: Ministry of Commerce of P.R.C

Sponsors: Chinese Institute of food Science and Technology
                 National Food and Nutrition Committee
                 China National Food Industry Association

Organizer: Beijing Shibowei International Exposition Co., Ltd

【Market prospect】 Leading the industry, attracting global attention

Today, imported food has become necessary in people's daily life and its economic benefits also soared. The imported foods from all over the world because of its different characteristics, pure & unique taste is popular among Chinese people, and people's consumption level also has rapidly improved and upgraded. The food grade has transformed gradually from past subsistence to currently nutritional, health, casual, flavor and experienced changed. The imported food has become more and more familiar to public and accepted by people and the purchasing amount is rising with a large economic market in China as well.

American National Food Industry Association forecast that China imported food will be sold at an annual high-speed growth rate of 15%. By 2018, China will become the world's largest consumer country of imported food. At the appointed time, the domestic imported food market will be as high as 480 billion yuan. The imported food will constantly develop with different fields, the whole chain and deep direction of sustainable development. The local food and imported food have never been so closely related like today. Stunning data is bound to set off a new round of overwhelming investment spree and the delicious & healthy imported food at the Chinese market demand has the potential of shifting alliances, which attract global attention!

【Exhibition Introduction】

Asia (Beijing) International Import Food Exposition 2016, exclusively organized by Beijing Shibowei International Exhibition Co.,Ltd. Shibowei International Exhibition Group is a professional exhibition organization committed to promoting Chinese health industry to move towards globalization. The company was founded in 2003 and based in Beijing, gathering customers all over the world from more than 60 countries and regions. After nearly 10-year accumulation and hone, Shibowei has developed a set of marketing model of market development in line with the convention and exhibition industry development, and has a long and close cooperation with association, broad & stable client network, timely and accurate database and mature marketing ability.

We won the appreciation and praise by the exhibitors and buyers from all over the world as well as the experts from dozens of national authorities. To comply with the demand of market development, promote the development of China's imported food industry, and recommend the use of advanced technology domestic and foreign and to establish the platform of supply and demand, Asia (Beijing) International Import Food Expo 2016 will build up new indicator for the imported food industry in our country and establish new milestone of imported food industry.

【Reasons for Participation】

1. Brand appeal---to show image, improve industry position, brand value, awareness, honorary degrees among peers and customers;

2.Marketing strategy---to know the market information, expand sales channels, get market order, maintain the sales network;

3. To establish the import, wholesale, distribution, group purchase, retail sales channels;

4. To get big fans of your brand products. Your products are likely to attract attention and tracking propaganda nearly from hundred of professional and mass media, become a bright star in the product;

5. To obtain market orders - 12 years’ buyers purchasing database help you to open the treasure in the global market, to gain money, and win the reputation;

6. Since Shibowei•International Health Industry Expo successfully held, it has been named "National Key Leading Support Exhibition" by the Ministry of Commerce for three consecutive years.

【High Quality Buyers】

1.Huge , fixed, directed to invite the restaurant industry association (commercial) president and secretary from all over the China and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, large upscale supermarket, catering enterprises in China;

2. The national star hotels and all kinds of brand chain hotels, evening show, trading company, food traders and buyers, food importers, food wholesalers, Chinese food hotel, western food hotel, fast food hotel, distributors, chain stores, bars, wine importers;

3. Wal-mart, Carrefour, Hua-Lian, Wu-mart, Century Lian-Hua, Jingkelong, Auchan, Lotus, Metro, traders, distributors, agents, gift coupon, large chain hotels and resorts;
4. Retails, general manager, executive chef and procurement director, national provinces and nearly fifty thousand purchasing managers of supermarkets and agents, to help establish a high-end brand exhibitors contacts circle, improve the efficiency of business development, reduce the transaction costs of cooperation;

5. Countries embassy in China as well as through collaboration with industry associations, to assist the organization of professional buyers to come to the exhibition;

6. To build high-end display platform and effective trading environment for the food and beverage industry , to assist exhibitors booming high-end food and beverage market in China;

7. During the organization, we will invite the exhibition industry pundits of imported food in China to hold related seminars about the development trend and market demand.

【Exhibit Products】

◆ Sweet food, chocolate & snack food       ◆ Drink, juice, drinking water & instant drink;

◆ Coffee, tea & electuary series;                       ◆ Beer, fruit wine, distilled spirit & wine;

◆ Milk products, dairy products & egg products; ◆ Cookies, cake & bakery products;

◆ Instant noodles, freeze-dried food & seasoning; ◆ Oil, olive oil and& cereal products;

◆ Quick-freeze, frozen foods & ice cream; ◆ Health food, nourishment & organic food products;

◆ Flavoring & food ingredient products;     ◆ Fresh meat, bacon, canned food & seafood;

◆ Food container, packaging equipment & food product machinery;

◆ Government organization, association, professional service organization & food website.


AIFE concurrent activities will set prizes for you to take. In order to promote visibility and reputation of enterprise brand , show excellent product quality and service, AIFE will hold awards activities. The organizing committee will set the "Gold Medal" award; "Recommend New Product" award; "Quality Products” award, “Top ten brands" award, etc.; Sponsoring units involved will get a dozen services with publicity (please ask for the organizer about related condition details). On the exhibition a series of exciting activities will be launched, which is regarded as the exhibition’s highlight characteristics. There are themes related foods, such as "Italy. France, United States, Germany, Japan Cookers Show Food”, “ 2016Asia (Beijing) International Import Food Tasting", "Happy Baking Garden", "Olive Oil competition", "Wine Tasting", "World Barista Competition Pageant", "World Beverage Brand Innovation Awards", "Gourmet Academic Exchange Discussions Forum" etc. The large world special delicious foods feast will take you to enjoy all kinds of tastes in Asia and unwilling to leave here.

【Participation Procedures】

1.Exhibitors must have effective business license and other legal documents.

2.The organizing committee will follow the principle: "Applied first, Paid first, Served first". There is 10% additional charge for the corner booth.

3.After the exhibitors book the booth, please fill in the Application Form carefully. and then send the Application Form with stamp and signature to the organizing committee. We will send you the “Booth Confirmation Form” after receiving your Application Form.

4. Within 7 days after the exhibitor receives “Booth Confirmation”, you should make full payment or 50% into the account of organizing committee, Expire, the organizing committee has the rights to cancel your participation.

5.After receiving the booth payment, the organizer committee will send the payment invoice to the exhibitors.

6.The organizing committee has rights to change and move some confirmed booths considering the safety problem and the whole image.

7.To be sponsor of exhibition, you will get more business opportunities (For more information, please ask for organizer committee).

Contact Details
Contact Person:Cathy, zhao
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