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China High-end Beef & Mutton Expo 2014

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Event Date 2014-03-31 - 2014-04-02
City Shanghai
Address No. 77 Xingyi Road, Shanghai, China
Venue China INTEX Shanghai
Organizer Shanghai Tiansheng Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.


China High-end Beef & Mutton Expo 2014

Exhibition review:

With the development of breeding and raising of domestic high-end beef cattle and the processing and production technology of high-end beef, a number of larger modern enterprises specializing in high-end beef cattle raising and butchering and processing have come into being in the industry, including Dalian Snowdragon, Kingbull, Jilin Blackcattle, Dadi Beef Cattle and Dalian Huamu, etc. With the gradual improvement of people’s living level, the consumers’ demand for beef in China, especially high-end beef is also steadily on the increase. The laws of economic development in the developed countries show that when the national economic income reaches to USD 1,000 per capita, the consumption of beef will increase.

The consumption of high-end beef has become a fashion in major cities of China and the beef has become a decent food to treat the guests at the high-end restaurants and bars. The so-called high-end beef refers to the beef specially processed and produced from specific breed of cattle with specific technology. Generally, 45% of a head of high-end cattle is high-end beef, and 15% (20% at the most) the best high-end beef. The high-end beef is good-looking and delicious and can make you even healthier after eating. The beef  is rich in protein, which could invigorate spleen and replenish Qi, nourish spleen and stomach, strengthen muscles and bones, reduce phlegm and calm the nerves, quench one’s thirst and saliva, increase the disease resistance of body, making it specially suitable for people in the growth and development stage or recovering from an operation or a sickness for its effect in replenishing blood and repairing issues. A special component of beef that the other meats do not have can cleanse the vessels. The increase of Chinese people’s demand for good nutrition and flavor and health awareness is quickly expanding the high-end beef market in China.

In order to promote the technical innovation of China’s high-end beef and mutton production enterprises, enrich the product variety of high-end beef and mutton, increase popularity of high quality products in this industry, boost the research and application of high-end beef and mutton technology at home and abroad, strengthen the communication and cooperation in the trade, help the Chinese high-end beef production enterprises get a clear picture of the industry development trend and master the market trend, we work with relevant functional department to hold the “China High-end Beef & Mutton Expo 2014” in Shanghai. This expo will bring together the “Product Display, Trade Negotiation, Technology Communication and Information Publishing” to promote technical progress, boost sales at home and abroad, guide the market demand and supply and seek greater development. We believe that this grand meeting will provide a good opportunity for the high-end beef and mutton production enterprises to build the image, show strength, establish the brand, explore the market and obtain information.



   Sponsors: All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce/China Tong Yuan Co., Ltd.

China Health Care Association

Organizer: Shanghai Tiansheng Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Invited by the Organizer: Canada Beef Export Federation, New Zealand Animal Husbandry Federation, Spain Cattle Raising Federation

■Exhibition objectives:   

1. Provide exhibitors with a venue to fully display products, and publicize enterprises;

2. Provide exhibitors with a good opportunity for market survey;

3. Build up a communication channel between exhibitors and supermarkets & market places;

4. Help exhibitors to develop sales channels and locate distributors and agents;

5. By taking advantage of the vision of professional buyers, build up an international High-end Beef & Mutton exhibition which can better fit China’s national conditions and produce maximum exhibition benefits.  


Exhibition scope:

• High-end beef exhibition area:

• High-end beef, high-end halal beef, high-end imported beef, high-end buffalo meat, high-end yellow beef, high-end yak meat, ectoloph, tenderloin, ribeye, high rib, beef tendon, sirloin tendon, high-end boneless cold fresh beef, high-end normal temperature cooked beef, high-end low temperature cooked beef, high-end boneless frozen beef, high-end gift beef, high-end steak, dried beef, beef granules, leisure beef food, beef offal, etc.;

• High-end mutton exhibition area:

• High-end mutton, high-end lamb meat, high-end goat meat, high-end halal lamb, lamb chop, lamb fillet and other mutton segmenting products and haggis;

• High-end beef and mutton supporting services exhibition area:

• High-end cattle and sheep slaughtering production line, high-end beef and mutton segmenting technology and equipments, inspection and quarantine apparatus, high-end beef and mutton storage and transportation, refrigeration storages, refrigeration display cabinets, refrigerated trucks, cold-chain logistics, etc.

Contact Details
Contact Person:Ma Jun
Mobile Phone:

In order to promote the technical innovation of China’s high-end beef and mutton production enterprises, we work with relevant functional department to hold the “China High-end Beef & Mutton Expo 2014” in Shanghai.
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